Diane Brandow

Dressage Instructor

Diane Brandow has been working with horses for over 20 years and has been a professional for over 5 years.  She has trained two horses to Prix St. George and has competed through 4th level.  Diane works with an a ray of horses and riders, but she has the same goal with everyone,  to get the horse and rider to achieve their best. Every horse and rider combination is treated as individuals so no two people will have the same plan.  She will work through problems using, groundwork and Dressage techniques to get safe and affective results.  Diane has a Dressage team with a mix of adults amateurs and Junior Young Rider who travel with her to competitions around the New England area.  She is also the Vice President of Dressage for the Central New York Dressage and Combined Training Association.  Through CNYD&CTA, Diane can help you get a well rounded education of Dressage through volunteering at shows to participating in educational series.  Although Diane has ridden Dressage the majority of her life,  She worked for two time Olympic gold medalist Beeze Madden for 5 years.  She had the opportunity to watch some of the best jumper riders in the world and was able to connect Dressage techniques to the sport of Jumping.  She will not teach over jumps, but can organize flat work that will help you when jumping.

Dressage started as a military discipline.  Horses that were used in battle had to be fearless, attentive,and responsive.  To help soldiers keep their horses skills tuned, they would hold competitions, showing off their skills in what is today called Dressage.  The best form of this display is the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

I am a believer that Dressage is useful for every horse.  Diane studies Classical Dressage techniques that encourage the horse to use its body in the best way possible.  If a horse has balance, rhythm and relaxation you will have a fun and workable horse. Diane’s goal is to get the horse and rider to work as a team to achieve their goals no matter what discipline.  Dressage goes way beyond circles, lines, and prancing stuff.  Through her techniques, she hopes to show riders the true foundation to riding, including feel, position, rhythm, relaxation, connection, straightens, all the way through collection.

You can Contact Diane at dianebrandow@hotmail.com

Dressage Lesson Pricing

Private Lesson

  • 45 Minute Lesson Private
  • Ride one of our Lesson Horses
  • Boarders welcome to ride their own Horse
  • Truck-ins welcome: Additional fees and vet requirements apply

Semi - Private

  • 1-3 in a group
  • 60 minute Lesson
  • Ride one of our Lesson Horses
  • Boarders welcome to ride their own Horse
  • Truck-ins welcome: Additional fees and vet requirements apply

Truck in

$35/Additional to Lesson Price
  • Truck your horse in and take a lesson with Diane at our facility
  • All Vet records must be up to date and on file with Springerle Stables
  • Call for more information