Kaytlin Bell

Head Trainer/Manager


Has been riding since she was a little girl and was given her first horse Frazier at age 11.

She showed at local and recognized competitions and in her last year as Junior rider qualified for the Maclay Regional Finals on Long Island riding her best friend’s horse Escalade.

At the end of her junior years she received the “Junior Sportsmanship Award” from the Syracuse PHA which she felt was a highlight because this was what she had left in the mind’s of others.

She has shown in Hunter, Jumper and Equitation classes. After high school she received her Associates Degree in Studio Art then decided to attend the Maryland Horseshoeing School where she became a Certified BWFA Farrier.

When she returned home at the age of 20 she started “Bells Farrier Service” and while shoeing full time went back to school full-time received her Bachelor’s Degree in Glass Blowing and Fine Arts.
In 2009, decided to become a riding professional, teach riding lessons, and train young horses.

Kaytlin enjoys working with young horses and their riders. She also enjoys working with the older rider who is just starting out or those getting reacquainted with being back in the saddle.

She now runs Springerle Stables and Sliverline Builders Corp. with her long time boyfriend Benjamin M. Garrett. In 2015 she closed her shoeing business due injury so she continue her passion for riding.  In her free time she has also taken on the sport of polo.

1 Hour Private Lesson - Pay per Lesson

Private Lessons paid at the time of the Lesson
  • 1-1 individualized lesson program Convenience of pay as you go Payment due at time of lesson

Instruction given off the farm

$$100 //an hour
  • We’ll travel to your farm and give you a lesson in your ring Pricing includes travel up to 15 mins from Springerle Stables Travel more than 15 mins will be charged additional rate



A Bit About Attire

All Riders must wear a hard hat SEI and ASTM Approved. We can usually provide one for your first several lessons. After that riders need to purchase one. Riders must wear long pants, NO shorts, NO slippery pants. Jeans, jods or breeches. Chaps/half chaps are a good addition once you’re committed to riding but an unnecessary expense until then. Appropriate footwear is a pair of Paddock boots. Any hard sole tie shoes will do for the first several lessons. Do not wear sneakers, clogs or loafers. Other items you’ll need eventually are a good riding crop, gloves and a good book of basic information.

First lesson

Your first lesson will consist of very little riding. Riding time increases over the first few lessons. The first time you come is actually more of an orientation. The goal of the lesson is to acquaint you with the program, the horse, the facility, the vocabulary and the equipment. You’ll groom and tack up your own horse. Don’t get discouraged the first several lessons are the toughest. It’ll seem like there is an awful lot to remember, (There is!) but everything is logical once you start to get the big picture. Each lesson gets significantly easier, really! Have patience with yourself.

When You Arrive at Your First Lesson

Be sure to read the safety sheets provided and you will need to read and sign a liability waiver. While the student is on the premises an adult must accompany them until age 14.

Important Note to Parent or Guardian

This is a place of business and safety is a priority.  Non-riding children must be watched at all times or will be asked to be left at home.  Remember horses can bite; do not feed or stick hands in a horse’s stall (fingers look like carrots and they will bite). When you arrive at the farm there are areas you may stand to watch your child while they are with the instructor. Spectators are not allowed in the arena.  We have a heated viewing room for looking onto the arena.  Those who are not in a lesson should remain in the viewing room and not wander through the aisles of the barn.  Horses are being moved through these areas and sudden noises, screams, or cries can endanger a child riding or people working with horses on the ground. Horses cannot see behind them and out of fear will kick.  Please be considerate.

Speed Limit Please watch your speed on the premises. Do not exceed 10 mph when driving on the property. What may seem like a slow speed for you can startle a horse.

Scheduling Lessons – Paying Monthly: In order to keep the day and time spot for your lesson each week, payment is required in advance for the number of times that lesson falls in any given month. All lesson packages are to be paid in full at beginning of month and must be used by the end of month. Lessons cannot be carried over to the next month. If you are unable to make one of those lessons, it is possible to re-schedule to another day/time within that calendar month.

Payment Policy: If you are scheduling monthly blocks of lessons, payment is due and expected on the first scheduled lesson of the month. If you are not able to make that lesson for any reason, payment is still due and should be mailed or delivered to the barn and placed in the payment box. If you are paying per lesson, payment is due prior to the start of the lesson.

Late Arrivals: If you arrive late to your scheduled lesson, your lesson will end at the regularly scheduled time. This lesson will not be rescheduled or refunded.

Cancellation Policy: Please call at least 4 hours prior to your lesson to cancel. If you need to cancel a lesson, you must call Kaytlin Bell at 315-440-2871 or Jill Nardi at 585-478-2517 if you do not call 4 hours prior to the scheduled lesson you will be expected to pay for the lesson. Make up lessons must be taken within the month paid for or they are forfeited. If you don’t cancel there will be no make-up lesson.  Continual absences, rescheduling, no shows or no cancellation calls will result in the loss of your lesson spot. Please remember that even if you didn’t show up for your lesson, your instructor still did.

Weather Policy & Cancellations: Our lessons are held rain or shine but Lessons are canceled when the temperature is greater than 95 degrees and below 18 degrees.  Cancellation for any other weather issue will be made on an individual basis. Lessons will be cancelled in severe weather such as thunder and lightning, heavy snowfall, heavy rain/downpour, hail and sleet. Springerle Stables will follow local school closings – if schools are closed due to severe weather, then the barn will be closed as well. These lessons will be re-scheduled. If your lesson must be cancelled due to inclement weather, we will attempt to contact you before the lesson at the number you have provided. Please make sure that your instructor has your current contact information. If you don’t hear from us, you should assume that your lesson is going to take place. Remember that weather conditions at the barn may be different from weather in your area at any specific time.